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Tennis elbow season is here

The Hippocratic Post (blog) - Apr 20, 2017
'Tis the season to get Tennis elbow. A very common complaint, (affecting up to 7 people per 1000 in the UK) it is painful condition which is caused by inflammation around the bony bump on the side of the elbow. It can happen to anyone who does lots of ...

Ask The Doctors

Daily Journal Online - Apr 19, 2017
DEAR READER: Lateral epicondylitis, or tennis elbow, is a tendon inflammation at the elbow. You don't have to play tennis to develop the condition, but the specific motion of hitting a ball with a tennis racket is, unfortunately, an effective way of ...

5 Moves to Help Prevent Tennis Elbow in Strength Athletes

BarBend (blog) - Apr 13, 2017
There aren't many conditions with as misleading a name as “tennis elbow.” Also (and more accurately) known as lateral epicondylitis, it's caused by the overuse of muscles and tendons in the elbow, leading to pain and inflammation. We're not saying the ...

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Tennis Elbow books

Fixing You: Shoulder & Elbow Pain: Self-treatment for rotator cuff strain, shoulder impingement, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and other diagnoses.

by: Rick Olderman MSPT
The shoulders are a floating system on the trunk, held in place and moved by muscular control. The foundation of shoulder movement is the shoulder blade which has precise resting and moving landmarks. Fixing You: Shoulder & Elbow Pain teaches you what these landmarks are and how to correct them to fix your shoulder pain. Likewise elbow pain such as tennis elbow also is influenced by the shoulder blade and upper arm bone. This book teaches you, using simple language and plenty of illustrations, how to fix the issues causing pain in both areas.
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Treat Your Own Tennis Elbow

by: Jim Johnson
Based on published research, Treat Your Own Tennis Elbow can be read in about an hour and will show you how to stop tennis elbow pain in 10 minutes a day using the principles of eccentric exercise.
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Arm Care a Complete Guide to Prevention and Treatment of Tennis Elbow

by: M.S. Robert P. Nirschl M.D.
The comprehensive information resource for treating elbow injuries. Based on his years of treating professional, collegiate, and amateur athletes, Robert P. Nirschl, M.D., M.S., together with co-author Janet Sobel, P.T., offers a thorough description of how to prevent, diagnose, and treat elbow injuries in Arm Care. Written in language nonmedical readers can easily understand, this landmark book is also a valuable detailed resource for physicians, therapists, coaches, and sports professionals. Arm Care presents cutting-edge thinking on: * diagnosing tennis elbow, and its primary sources * the importance of warm-up and cool-down * rehabilitative exercise -- when, how much, and what to expect in recovery time * surgical intervention -- when it's necessary and what's involved * returning to peak performance after surgery Specially designed strength and flexibility training exercises geared for baseball, tennis, and golf -- and other motions, including occupational, that mirror these sports -- make Arm Care a must-have for anyone who treats repetitive stress injuries of the arm and for people who want to learn how to avoid these injuries.
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The Young Tennis Player: Injury Prevention and Treatment

Presenting a multidisciplinary approach to the prevention and management of injuries to young tennis players, this unique book considers multiple factors contributing to the increasing numbers of such sports-related injuries, such as increased young athlete participation in tennis, the pre-professionalization of younger players and misconceptions surrounding treating children in the same manner as adults. Beginning with the essentials for developing tennis players and their physical and mental growth with the sport, the text then turns to prevention and management techniques and strategies covering the upper and lower extremities, shoulder and elbow, hip and knee, and spine, as well as other acute medical conditions.
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